Pandora’s Box

The first piece of the video This American Life gives me the strongest impact.  When the scientist was reading the letter from people who wants to erase his or her terrible memory, he said, “it makes me want to help”, with bitter and sad face. This story impressed me because it shows all the beautiful times in life at first, and when mentioned erase the memory, it shows similar scenes but all the people fade away. As the scientist said, your first memory will be gone, and all of your individual memories – first day in school, first date, first birthday party, first child, all those will be gone.  I feel a little bit sad when I saw the contrast of the happy times at first and the scenes without people at last.

For me, I think the most important qualities of this video are

THOUGHT PROVOKING, it draw attention to the way of using new technology. There are some moral and ethical problem when people research, publish and use the new technology. What if some people use it in improper even bad ways?

REALISTIC, this video shows the problems we are facing in today’s social and cultural context.

and the COMPARITION, which impressed me most as I said before.

Actually, there is another scene in the video also give me a strong impact. That is the scene of the noisy, crowded hot dog stand. Both staff and customers act rudely. I have never seen such a restaurant like that. And this realistic scene surprised me.

All the three pieces in this video are talking about the unpredictable consequences caused by some action from a good starting point. Also, they all show some realistic scenes, and some interviews and explanation.

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