The “10” diary?





Module 3 Template



Topic: my topic is seeing things on different scales. I believe it is an interesting phenomenon. If we look at something really closely, we could see the patterns, materials, and many subtle details clearly, but we might have no idea what it is as a whole. Similarly, if we see things on a very large scale, we might not know any details. Maybe the large thing is consists of many small units.

Characters: For this topic, I think I can shoot some footage from different scales, zoom in and out, closely and far away

Location: find them in everyday life




Authorship: I won’t be appear in the video, but just behind the camera

Content: I will start from very detail things, and then zoom out to see them on a larger scale. With a camera cannot focus automatically, I would like to play with the lens, to make the object blur or clear through zooming in and out. I will shoot plants, flowers, wood patterns, leaves… in campus and arboretum.




Reflection: It is really interesting to play with the lens. Earlier in this semester, I have tried to use this camera to shoot something else; I find it very uncomfortable to use it. However, this time I believe this is just what I need!

Evolution: My initial idea is about the scale. However, I find some new things in the shooting process. Each time I make the scene blur, the objects would become some circles or dots. And then I focus on the object, the scene would become clear and I can see the details. In that situation, I named my video “A dot’s journey”.


Feedback & Reflection


I feel it not finished and would like to improve it. One thing is the sound. I am always struggling with the music. I would like to try to use some different music and see if the video has different effect. Another thing is the rhythm. I feel this piece is too even now. I want to speed up some part and slow down some part to make it coordinating with the rhythm of music.


Module 2 Template



Topic: my topic is about nail polish. I have collected many different colors of nail polish, and painting on my fingernails is one of my interests. However, my parents don’t like me wearing nail polish all the time because they think it’s toxic. Then I realize maybe there are different opinions between generations. And maybe things are different in America.


Characters: For this topic, I think I can interview people from different countries, both boys and girls, and let them talk about their experiences of wearing nail polish. I can collect the different opinions about nail polish in different countries and cultures, different attitude from different ages, or just focus on nail art itself. Maybe I can just interview people and find one thing I can focus on from their answers.


Location: just in campus. Interview my classmates in our studio, and shoot some clips about nail polish in stores or just at home.


B-roll: nail polish in different colors (separate or collection); interview people, both girls and boys, and from different countries; painting on nails




Authorship: I will ask questions behind the camera, but remove my voice in the video.


Content: I have a list of questions to interview people

–  When did you start painting your nails?

–  How often do you wear nail polish?

–  What is your favorite color?

–  Is there any color has special meaning for you or in your cultural background?

–  Can you tell me a story about something important or interesting in your experience

–  What do you want your nails to communicate to other people about you?

For boys

–  Have you ever painted your nails?

–  Do you think nail polish is only for girls?

–  What do you think about people who wearing nail polish?


Shots: interview; nail polish in different colors (my collection!); nail polish in Walgreens; Sui painting her nails




Reflection: I feel confident when I have some footage about interviewing people. But if I could do it again, I would not interview them in our studio. I would like to interview people in a more colorful background.


Reshoot: I need more footage about colorful nail polish. Also, I need more footage or pictures of painted nails.


Evolution: at first, I am not very clear what should I focus on. But as I interview people, I find that people sometimes have similar or opposite answers to a specific question. I would like to put the answers together and show the similarity or differences of people’s opinions about nail polish.




Feedback: the main problem is that I should have more footage about nails of people who I interviewed. Another thing is about the sound. If I could use a microphone, the sound could be better.


Self-reflection: the thing I most satisfied with is the cutting of the interview. I cut the answers into several parts, and put the answers to the same question together. In that case, audience could easily know what they are talking about even without the questions. And this arrangement could also show the comparison of people’s opinions.